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Problem-Solving Exercises in Green and Sustainable Chemistry

КОД : 10053831
Aвтор: Matlack, A.S.
Издателство: Taylor&Francis
Година: 2016
ISBN : 1-4822-5257-6
Страници: 175
Наличност: OK
Problem-Solving Exercises in Green and Sustainable Chemistry", by Albert S. Matlack, edited by Andrew P. Dicks, is an excellent book which should be a part of the library of educators who teach the subject, and chemists in general. It is a showcase of problem-based learning, so-called PBL, in which students and other learners are fully engaged in learning via problem solving. Anybody who teaches is well-aware of extra time after the lecture is delivered, when one wishes to have some interesting problems to give to students to work on and discuss. This is a problem particularly in green and sustainable chemistry, which is a new field and not much educational material exists. The author has a gold mine of examples that he has developed over his teaching career, which, significantly, followed his long career in industry. Thus, his examples are rooted in reality, and are quite relevant. Also, they are examples of the evolving issues, rather than something that is solved and set in stone. Thus, these examples are excellent for promoting classroom discussion, and assigning problems to students to research them. General solutions for the problems and useful hints are given in the back of the book. Since the material was developed over a period of years, many references are outdated. However, this minor shortcoming of the book can be easily overcome, since the instructors can either update references themselves, or delegate this task to the students. In conclusion, this unique and valuable book is most highly recommended.'

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